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Marijke is a professional writer who began her working career as a registered nurse over 25 years ago. After working in clinical areas ranging from rehab to intensive care, as a floor nurse to a supervisor, she found she could combine her extensive health knowledge with her love of writing. Although she has been published in a wide variety of publications for professionals and the general public, her passion is writing for the every day person to promote health literacy.

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WATCH: Unbelievable hospital scenes from TV

Docs pushing gurneys and doing science experiments with young patients? Nurses doing nothing but looking pretty and tottering about in high heels? Laugh at these priceless clips from Dr. Kildare, Marcus Welby, Doogie Howser, Grey’s, House and more!

Our favorite bumper stickers for nurses!

Our top 10 favorite nursing decals would look great on your bumper or rear window. Commute to work with pride!

Top 10 sleep tips for nurses

Top 10 sleep tips for nurses

Increase your chances of getting some quality sleep with these tips just for nurses.

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NCLEX quiz: How prepared are you?

Think you’re ready for the NCLEX? Double-check yourself with our quick quiz.

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5 fun facts about nursing students

Find out some fun facts that will prove to be food for thought the next time you set foot in a classroom or think about the fact that YOU are a nursing student!

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Quiz: Name that nursing credential

Ever wonder what the letters stand for behind some nurses’ names? Take this quiz and find out how many you actually know…

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How do I deal with attending patient funerals?

What happens when the exceptional patient crosses our path—the one who makes an impact on us or an imprint on our soul? These patients—and their family members—become dear to us and their death may affect us deeply.

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Too tattooed to be a nurse?

Visible tattoos may just be a no-no if you’re in nursing school, working in a hospital, or other healthcare settings. What do you think the guidelines should be?

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Did you know these 5 facts about nursing?

Did you know? All the nurses working in the United States could populate the country of Latvia.

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Budget makeover: Saving your nurse’s salary

Terrific “bite-size” money saving tips so nurses can build that nest egg you well deserve!

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Top 10 weight management tips for nurses

As busy nurses with hectic schedules, it’s sometimes easier to counsel others on weight control than to work on the message ourselves. Here are easy ways to start right now.

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Geography and nursing salaries: Should you move?

As important as money is to our survival, many of us are reluctant to talk about how much we earn. But don’t be left in the dark! Here’s a rundown of nurse salaries for LVNs/LPNs and Registered Nurses. You might be surprised which cities compensate the best.

10 hilarious note cards for nurses

10 hilarious note cards for nurses

We have to face it: We nurses have our own brand of humor. After all, if you’re not laughing, you just may be crying!

WATCH: What can a magician teach a nurse?

WATCH: What can a magician teach a nurse?

These short movies feature the amusing anecdotes of a hospital’s “chief experience officer” and a trickster who shows that there’s a bit of magic in patient care.

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Hospital miracles

As nurses, we witness the wonder of birth every day. But did you ever have a case…a case that truly felt like a miracle…that stretched your beliefs?