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Debba Haupert is founder of Girlfriendology (tm). Dreamer, entrepreneur, student of social media, animal-lover, wife and definitely girlfriend, Debba believes in living life with a passion. Recognizing her purpose in life is to connect people and to inspire women to share friendship, she started Girlfriendology with the optimistic idea to make the world a better place. And she can too - if you’re a better friend, you inspire your friends, then your friends will be more caring for their friends, and it can continue to make the world a better, friendlier place! (Plus, girlfriends make women healthier, happier, less-stressed, live longer and feel prettier - now isn’t that enough to base a business on?!)Stop by for inspiring podcasts, blogs, videos, shopping reviews, contests and more.

The “magic pill” for female nurses

The “magic pill” for female nurses

What’s the “magic pill” that makes YOU feel okay?