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Elaine J. Masters teaches Travel and Chair Yoga as a certified yoga teacher and is the award-winning author of Drivetime Yoga, stress-relief solutions for travelers. She is a commuting mom who has traveled the world in dozens of different vehicles and grew up taking road trips around the North American continent. Tropical water is a second love and she’s now scuba diving every chance she can—from the cool trenches of Point Loma, San Diego, to drift diving off Tavenui. “Life is good—not always easy, but always interesting. Enjoy the ride!” Visit her Website and blog at and Elaine is also tweeting @dtygal.

Chair and drivetime yoga for nurses

Chair and drivetime yoga for nurses

Taking a couple of seconds for yourself amidst a busy day can go a long way to maintain a strong, patient, and sane mind in nursing. Here, three ways to relieve stress while on your commute, when you’re charting, and during your all-too-brief breaks.