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Interim HealthCare is America’s first and finest home care & healthcare staffing franchise who employees over 75,000 health care professionals in over 300 locations nationwide.

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Q:A What rules apply when my patient’s at school?

In my current assignment, I go to a public school with my patient. I feel my patient’s health is at risk but I’m not sure what the rules are…

Q&A: Do my employers think I’m too old?

Q&A: Do my employers think I’m too old?

How can I make sure no one thinks it’s time to “put me out to pasture”?

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Q&A: Is there a cure for my ‘Cinderella Syndrome’?

There’s no reason to suffer in silence if you truly believe you’re being accorded less respect than you deserve.

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Q&A: Should I take a stand against a standoffish coworker?

A company recently hired me to assume the responsibilities of a (very popular) nurse who was let go. What do I do about my new, less-than-friendly coworkers?