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Dr. Jason Evan Mihalko is a licensed psychologist in Cambridge Massachusetts with a private practice in the heart of Harvard Square. He received advanced training in cognitive-behavioral, gestalt, relational/cultural, dialectal behavioral therapies, existential psychoanalysis, and clinical hypnosis. His clinical practice is grounded in mindfulness, informed by the relational/cultural model developed by the Stone Center at Wellesley College, and integrates both cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapies. Dr. Mihalko works with a wide range of people who are coping with a variety of life issues. He has a particular affinity for working with issues related to anxiety and depression as well as self-injurious and addictive behaviors that limit the freedom of human desire. He is the author of two blogs - Irreverent Psychologist and Therpay Dog and can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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