Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

About Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing is a global leader in nursing research, education, and scholarship. The School and its bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, and DNP programs are recognized for excellence in educating nurses who set the highest standards for patient care and become innovative national and international leaders. Among U.S. nursing schools, the Hopkins Nursing graduate programs are ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report. For more information, visit

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“No boundaries” for this nurse-athlete

“Do I sometimes wish I had two strong legs? Of course…But do I let the fact that I don’t stop me from doing what I love? Never.”

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The boy who changed my life

Mornings with Nathaniel became my favorite part of each day and inspired me to follow my gut. It’s now my second year of nursing school…

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A cure for hospital tunnel vision: Peeking into the OR

When Meg Adams switched from a medicine unit to an operating room during her first year of nursing school, she discovered “a completely different world.”