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Tilda Shalof RN, BScN, CNCC (C) has been a staff nurse in the Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Toronto General Hospital of the University Health Network, for the past twenty-four years. She is also the author of the bestseller, A Nurse’s Story and an outspoken patient advocate, passionate nurse leader, public speaker, and media commentator. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Ivan Lewis and their two sons, Harry and Max. Learn more about Tilda and her books at

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Every nurse has had a shift like this

It’s almost over, I told myself as the day shift began to arrive. This is my last shift, my last night as a nurse.

Nursing a marriage: Sex and the ICU

Nursing a marriage: Sex and the ICU

“Sexual intimacy is the best way to physically unwind, spiritually regenerate and reconnect with my husband after a shift on Planet ICU.”

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The “buddy nurse” on a bad day

I believe the scariest moment for a nurse isn’t a code or fear of losing a job — it’s when your best coworker threatens to quit! We all need friends to keep us sane on our craziest days — especially at the hospital.

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Why nurses never get a break

Why don’t you get a moment’s rest? It’s because your colleagues can’t live without you! Read this true story from the front lines…

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Camp nurse stories: The back-to-back shift you’ve never heard of

I would never talk to a hospital patient like this, but here, it seemed the way to go.

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Camp Nurse stories: The parent who was MIA

I had never come up close and personal with a case of such extreme deprivation. What a huge divide existed between the two sides of the camp’s kitchen counter.

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Camp nurse stories: Fun is never enough for a nurse!

Think you could survive being the sole nurse at a hippy-dippy summer camp? Nurse Tilda lives (just barely) to tell the tale of being Camp Na-Gee-La’s biggest fun-crusher for one hot summer.

Camp Nurse stories: Crazy letters to the nurse

Camp Nurse stories: Crazy letters to the nurse

While the campers and parents said their goodbyes, I stood browsing through a growing pile of letters addressed “Attention: Camp Nurse.”

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The nurse who blings out her uniform

It seems like every hospital has a different dress code and norms about what is acceptable attire. But can’t beauty and function co-exist?

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The Spice Girls of the nurse team

Even back then, Laura was a paradox. Brusque and sarcastic toward the doctors…kind and exceedingly gentle with her patients.


The kissing nurse

At the start of every shift, Theo swoops into the ICU and envelops each person he encounters into a huge embrace and plants a kiss on every cheek…whether they like it or not, and most everyone does.

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Where are the guys?

I’ve often wondered why there aren’t more men in nursing. Back when I graduated in 1983, about 2 percent of nurses were male. My friend says it’s easier for gay men to be nurses. True?

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Morticia Addams, RN

A joke of a nickname suddenly turned into the real deal when one nurse plays a prank with the microbiology lab!

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The wild one

Have a nurse on your unit who’s just a little bit MORE? You know, the one that the entire team (not to mention the patients) loves the most!