Secrets to (inexpensive!) fabulous hair

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Just like your face and hands, a nurse’s hair needs a little extra attention to keep it looking tip-top (the caps! the tight ponytails! the harsh hospital lights!).

Use this hair mask in the evening or over the weekend to replenish moisture and wash away buildup. You’ll see a dramatic difference.

Avocado Hair Mask
To bring back your hair’s natural luster and shine, start by peeling one very ripe and soft avocado. Mash the pulp very well so there are no lumps in it. If you wish, add a bit of olive oil to make the pulp a little more watery and easier to apply—and your hair will receive additional benefits from the olive oil!

Wash your hair as usual, squeezing out the extra water after your final rinse. Then massage the avocado pulp into your wet hair for five minutes. (The gentle massage stimulates the hair follicles and will make you feel relaxed and terrific!)

Leave the mask in your hair for at least 10 minutes so the beneficial avocado oils can penetrate deep into your hair follicles. For extra luster and body, after the scalp massage, cover your hair with plastic wrap or a shower cap, then wrap in a terry towel and leave alone for the duration.

Rinse out, using cool water so you don’t “cook” the avocado into your hair. It may take two or three rinses to thoroughly remove all of the avocado pulp, but the results will be well worth the effort it takes. Just one treatment will leave your hair silky smooth for days!

If your hair is damaged from straightening, perms or color treatments, consider using this treatment weekly.

Other Great Hair Masks for About $20 or Less
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, 6 oz. ($6.41)
Pantene Relaxed and Natural Breakage Defense Mask Deep Conditioning, 7.6-oz. tubs (pack of three) ($16.96)
It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask, 8 fl. oz. ($20.39)


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Diane Carbo

Diane Carbo is a licensed registered nurse with more than 35 years of experience practicing in a variety of organizations and community settings, and is an advocate for older adults and their families. She has developed two websites that grew out of her nursing and caregiving experience and her love of tea: and Diane and her sister-in-law, Connie Bednar, have found a tremendous amount of happiness and joy in sharing their knowledge and expertise with others, including their passion for tea.

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6 Responses to Secrets to (inexpensive!) fabulous hair

  1. Sharon

    I tried this and I’m pretty impressed! I used the plastic wrap on my head (weird feeling 😉 ) and a towel. I definitely had to rinse my hair a couple times. I rinsed, let it air dry and then rinsed it out again. I didn’t think these home remedies work but my hair is *totally* smoother, even at the ends. I’m not sure about styling it – like if I should rinse again, but it already feels smooth and it’s quite shiny. It was a little labor intensive but definitely worth it…and kinda fun to just take the time to rub my head for 5 minutes. I now know what to do with my slightly over-ripe avocados no one will eat. :) Thanks Diane. Thanks Scrubs!

  2. Valerie Henderson

    Mayonaise also works. I don’t recommend using anymore than necessary. It too, takes a lot of rinsing out.

  3. Caren

    I have been a nurse for 27 years. I have been in the Operating Room for 21 years. I always have hat hair from the caps. Any suggestions on how not to have flat hair, pieces sticking every which way and looking totally a mess when I take off my cap? Also any hints for make up that does not come off when you change your mask each case? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Paris Lia Fan

    Hello Caren,

    Here is a great article about best cuts and styles for a long shift:

    And an article with some tips for makeup that ‘holds up’ including brand recommendations from our beauty expert, Anita Bruzzese:

    If you can get your hands on our print edition, there are more tips in the beauty article, ‘Beauty — Look Great from 8 to 8.’

    Hope these suggestions helps! Thanks so much for your comment!


  5. Norma

    Caren, I’m a surgical nurse, too! I keep dry shampoo in my locker, or I bun up my hair under my cap during the day :-).

  6. Diane Kirse, RN, BSN

    One suggestion for when you wake up late and don’t have time to wash your hair. You can make your own dry shampoo by mixing one cup of baking soda with one cup of oatmeal and blending it up very fine in the blender. Use a couple of tablespoons and rub it into your hair roots. Leave it on for a few minutes then brush it out.