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Awesome Medical Facts About the Human Body


No one knows the human body better than a medical professional. Our bodies are capable of doing amazing things whether we realize it or not. To learn more about all the strange medical facts in the world, we asked millions of nurses for some much-needed insight and here’s what they had to say:

During a heart transplant, they lower your body temperature to 30-40 degrees to reduce metabolic demand on your tissues. My son just had one!


The skin on your elbow is called the Weenus.


They use Viagra for pulmonary hypertension in kids ??‍♀️


We’re born without kneecaps.


There is the same amount of radiation from one chest X-ray and what you get from an hour and a half plane flight! An anesthetic doctor told me this during an ERCP ??‍♀️


Thanks to pregnancy, the average number of skeletons in a human body isn’t one.


The hyoid bone is the only bone that doesn’t touch any other bones.


I’m a big fan of the palmar grasp reflex as a spinal reflex that can only be exhibited once the brain is incapacitated. So, if a person is brain dead and you put your hand in theirs, they may seem to squeeze it. But it’s just a reflex. Almost like a dead person trying to comfort the living, as a default setting in these weird human bodies.


Your lungs completely flattened out are the size of a tennis court! ?


I was told in a bar to have a shot of raspberry cordial to stop hiccups. Always thought it was the viscosity of the fluid. Turns out it’s the sugar! It stimulates the vagus nerve and can stop hiccups.


Humans are the only species that will make choices that they know are harmful to themselves.


Alcoholics are less likely to experience nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy.


When new mums come up against certain infections, they can pass on the antibodies to their babies via their breast milk. ??


Your hearing is the last thing to go. So always talk to your loved ones before they die. ❤️. They can hear you even though you think they can’t.


If you push IV dexamethasone too fast, the patient’s crotch will burn ?.


Very few people have true Alzheimer’s. (It is very rare and is diagnosed by a finding of a white matter in the brain vs senility, which is a spongy brain.) In the 60’s & 70’s, women were using insurance to pay for cosmetic procedures like breast lifts, face lifts etc. So, Medicare (who’s DRGs set the standards for most insurance companies) passed a ruling that said it would not pay for drugs or procedures related to the natural progression of age.

Fast forward a few years (as life expectancy increased) so did incidences of senility. Henceforth pharmaceutical companies started creating drugs like Namenda, Aricept etc. Medicare got around paying for these drugs by citing the ruling on the basis that senility is related to the natural progression of age. Drs got around this ruling by diagnosing the senile pt with Alzheimer’s (which at the time could only be truly diagnosed upon an autopsy when the brain was dissected). Now most people don’t even know the difference.


The smoke from a match completely gets rid of the smell of a bowel movement. Totally true! I keep matches in my bathroom.


Putting sugar on a prolapsed rectum makes it suck back into your body.


Ear wax is made of sweat, skin cells, and dirt. You sneeze not only snot but tears too.


Stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve a razor blade.

Your ears never stop growing.


My daughter told me to see if I could touch my elbows together last night…. Apparently if you can, it means you have no tatas .

FYI… mine touched ?.


You can cut off your foot because of foot pain and still have foot pain (phantom pain).


A patient can survive a ruptured mycotic abdominal aortic aneurysm! That was me 2 years ago and I am still alive after 11 and 1/2 hours on the table! I get to see miracles every day in my nursing career!


Your ears are the same shape as your kidneys. If you see someone with odd, shaped ears… more than likely they will have kidney problems.


Some people look perfectly sane but when you talk about the existence of covid and the benefits of vaccinations they transform into irrational twits!


Your nipples are older than your teeth.


Unless your bladder is empty… you can pee without pooping, but you can’t poop without peeing. ? ? There’s my wisdom for the night.


Medical fact: the patient did not actually slip and fall perfectly for the shampoo bottle to be completely lodged in the rectum.


Thanks to everyone who shared their strange medical facts online. Who knew the body could be so interesting! 

Steven Briggs
Steven Briggs is a healthcare writer for Scrubs Magazine, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With both of his parents working in the healthcare industry, Steven writes about the various issues and concerns facing the industry today.

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