Bargain hunting tips for busy nurses


Bargain Shopping for NursesWe searched high and low for good “bargain hunting” sites and found our easy favorite: Shop It To Me (and no, they’re not paying us a dime to promote ’em!).
Shop It To Me is a free online “personal shopper” that lets you know when your favorite brands in your size go on sale. After test-driving the site, here’s our advice: Bookmark this site for shopping in times of seasonal saving or finding a specific item in a crunch.

Here are some of Shop It To Me’s best features:

•    Flexible delivery: Choose when and how often you’d like to receive “salemails.” Maybe you just want to track down your favorite comfortable work shoe. Or you need a new outfit for an interview, but don’t have time to hit the mall before closing hours. You can very easily adjust your account to start and stop receiving salemails in your inbox according to your shopping needs.

•    Sophisticated filter: The Website is impressive in terms of specificity. You can choose not only favorite brands, but also size, clothing type and price preferences, so your salemails are only going to contain items that you’re truly looking for that fit you and your budget.

•    Easy to read: Each salemail contains images and discount details in a clean, organized way. If you only have five minutes to check your email in the middle of the day, you can easily scroll and skim through the salemail to see all new discounted items in 30 seconds or less.

•    Range of items: Choose from shirts, dresses, shoes, swimwear, handbags—from Old Navy to Marc Jacobs—including top brands in menswear and children’s wear.

To help you score the biggest savings, use Shop It To Me’s guidelines below:

•    Shop on Friday for jeans, skirts and dresses. Denim that went on sale on Fridays averaged 41% off, compared with 34% off on Mondays. Skirts and dresses averaged 42% off, compared with 28% and 32% off on Saturdays.

•    Shop on Friday and Saturday for new shoes; shop on Saturday for swimwear. Friday and Saturday markdowns on shoes averaged 43% off, compared with 36% off midweek. Swimwear that went on sale on Saturdays averaged 46% off, compared with 36% midweek.

•    Shop early in the week for women’s handbags. The best handbag deals can be found on Tuesday, when they averaged more than 41% off, although Friday is also a good handbag shopping day at an average of 40% off.

Happy Shopping!


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