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We don’t need to tell you that the hospital can be an unpredictable, sometimes high-risk environment. From severe understaffing and hostile patients to a steady laundry list of drugs, valuables and potential weapons available onsite, on-duty nurses are constantly confronted with a wide range of safety hazards.

But let’s not forget about the process of coming and going, either.

Nursing is notorious for odd hours, and many a nurse has grown accustomed to a late-night or early morning commute. In other words, while it’s dark. That’s why we think it’s so important that nurses remain cognizant and prepared to defend themselves not only while they’re on the clock, but also when they’re en route to or from their place of work.

To help you do just that, here are some essential pointers.

Be proactive about your safety.

1. Download free safety apps:

  • bSafe (free)—Establishes a network of guardians (loved ones) who can track your progress home via GPS. If there is an emergency, you can press a button that will alert your loved ones, provide them with your exact location and launch an audio/video recording that the authorities can reference later.
  • Guardly (free)—Allows you to send emergency alerts to both your loved ones and the local police while your screen is on “lock” for a faster, more efficient response to an emergency.
  • Red Panic Button ($2.99): Allows you to create a “panic list” full of contacts that will be alerted if you press the panic button. This panic list will likewise receive a Google Maps link that points to your location.
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