Beauty: 5 more quick makeup tricks for busy nurses

Searching for ways to change up your look or establish a new (and quick!) makeup routine? We’ve got five tutorials for busy nurses to check out!
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1. Conceal dark circles from long shifts and brighten up your face with this concealer tutorial:



2. Don’t have time to reapply your lipstick during your shift (and, let’s face it, what nurse does?!)? Here’s a tutorial for how to apply lipstick that lasts:



3. Rotating shifts this week? Magnify those tired eyes and no one has to know:



4. Makeup is great, but it needs to be natural at the hospital. This is an awesome tutorial for great-looking natural eyes:



5. Here’s another great tutorial for tired eyes (when even that 12th cup of coffee isn’t doing the trick):


Nurses, which look is your favorite? And what is your makeup routine for a hectic morning (or evening!)? Tell us in the comments below!

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