Beauty: 5 quick makeup tricks for busy nurses

Searching for ways to change up your look or establish a new (and quick!) makeup routine? We’ve got five tutorials for busy nurses to check out!

1. Mascara does an excellent job of changing your whole look quickly. It also opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake…perfect if you’ve been working rotating shifts for the past few days.




2. Need a pick-me-up that doesn’t involve an IV drip of coffee? Make those peepers pop.



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One Response to Beauty: 5 quick makeup tricks for busy nurses

  1. lindz121684

    Quick beauty tip #3…..has 13(!)steps…how is that quick? The end result does not justify how long I would imagine this takes. Lip gloss ladies! C.O.Bigelow from Bath&Body Works – my personal fave is the VanillaMint Supreme! They also sometimes have lip gloss that changes color after you apply it – super fun to use and is also a quick and easy way to spice up your makeup routine without overdoing it.