Beauty 911: Ask the experts your pressing beauty questions!

Image: Quavondo Nguyen | StocksyImage: Quavondo Nguyen | Stocksy

Let’s cut to the chase: Nurses are stressed out, flying between call bells and often running on little more than Cheetos and coffee from the hospital vending machine.

The last thing you want (or need!) to do is spend time stressing about your beauty routine.

But while nursing isn’t a beauty contest, it’s important for nurses to look put together and polished on the job. So what’s a busy nurse to do? Scrubs to the rescue!

Just ask us your most pressing beauty question in the form below. We’ll have our experts answer your questions with advice for the busy nurse in mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Ask your question now and together, we’ll turn that beauty 911 into a rescue mission.

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