Best of 2012: Our favorite humor lists for and about nurses!

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There’s a technical term for everything that can go wrong on your shift. Does Massive Code Brown ring a bell, for instance? Yes, things go haywire on a frequently recurring basis in this profession, but luckily most nurses we know do have a sense of humor about it. It’s evidenced by all the hilarious comments you leave on the Scrubs website and Facebook communities!

Here’s a look back at our favorite lists for and about nurses in 2012…laugh it up and enjoy!

1.  A few things a nurse should never (EVER!) say!

This list could also be called “What Not to Say to a Patient in Times of Crisis.”

Seriously, here are eight phrases that you should never speak aloud before your shift is over (don’t say Nurse Jo didn’t warn you)!

1. “I’m sure everything will be fine.”
Unless you have a fairly liberal definition of “fine,” this is rarely the case when somebody’s sick enough to be in the hospital.

2. “I wouldn’t let that doctor near my worst enemy.”
There are plenty of ways to put this that won’t result in panic.

3. “Oops.”
As the old joke goes, “Surgeons never say ‘Oops!’ They always say ‘There!’”

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