The BEST place to be a nurse? Mesa!

Mesa, ArizonaWhat does it mean exactly when a hospital is voted “Best Place to Work” by business journals and Gallup polls? We asked Suzan Miller-Hoover, RN, MS, CCNS, CCRN, who works at the top ranked hospital Banner Children’s Hospital in Mesa, Arizona. Here she gives us an employee’s POV on what she finds so exceptional about her job.
Scrubs: First, the stats.
Suzan: I’m a pediatric acute and critical care clinical nurse specialist (CNS) at Banner Children’s Hospital. which has 600 plus beds. I’ve been a nurse for 33 years.

Scrubs: Why do you love your area of work?
Suzan: I have worked in intensive care units (ICUs) for all populations -NICU, PICU, and Adult ICUs – for my entire nursing career. I’m a CNS because I have a passion for knowledge and a need to raise the standard of care so that children get the best care possible. I love to educate nurses, patients and families. Pediatric medicine is hard. There are no “specialty areas.” You must know a little about every disease process and a lot about kids.

Scrubs: What’s the atmosphere like at Banner Children’s?
Suzan: The atmosphere here is open and friendly. You can walk down the halls and most staff and visitors smile.

Scrubs: How competitive is the pay?
Suzan: The pay is competitive. The HR team does reviews of the current pay scales and will adjust the scales when necessary.

Scrubs: How does it compare to other places you’ve worked?
Suzan: I have worked in many hospitals during my career. Most hospitals are similar, but I like the Banner system. However, because it’s such a large system – and growing larger – it has its share of “growing pains.” Change is always a challenge in every organization I have worked in.

Scrubs: What kind of nurse is Banner Children’s best suited for?
Suzan: Pediatrics is well suited for any nurse who loves children. The new grad can blossom here and the experienced nurse can find learning opportunities. We try to accommodate special scheduling needs when we can, which can be useful to the single parent, student, or nurse nearing retirement.

Scrubs: How would you describe your quality of life in Mesa?
Suzan: I was born and raised here, and I feel like one of a few native Arizonians! I can’t stay away…I always come back from wherever else I may roam. The quality of life in Arizona is comparable to any city in the US. We have many choices of entertainment, and with the exception of the hottest summer months, we can spend a great deal of time outdoors. There’s skiing (water & snow), hiking, fishing, camping, etc.

Scrubs: Any other thoughts?
Suzan: Nursing is about caring for your patient. It’s about making sure that you’re giving the absolute best care that is evidence-based and individualized to meet the needs of your patient.

Banner Health is a 2009 recipient of the Gallup Great Workplace Award, and has been voted one of the best “Best Places to Work” in the metropolitan Phoenix area by the Phoenix Business Journal and BestCompaniesAZ in 2008.

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