Beyond the sexy nurse: The 5 scariest Halloween costumes for medical folks

New hospital resident
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You’ve seen the Sexy Nurse and Zombie Nurse and Sexy Zombie Nurse costumes, along with the Sexy Doctor / Dental Hygienist / Zombie / Whatever stuff that’s lining the racks of your local HALLOWEEN BLOWOUT SUPERSTORE, right?

The heck with all of that. I submit, from long experience, that the following costumes will scare the knickers off of anybody at your unit party this year.

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5. The GOMER (aka the Frequent Flier, Oh Lordy Not You Again)

Dress in normal street clothes. Carry a three- to five-page, single-spaced list of all the drugs to which you’re allergic. Laminate it or put it into a snazzy binder. Engage everyone at the party in long, drawn-out conversations about how one doctor or another just missed a malpractice suit when he or she removed your gallbladder/liver/brain/you-name-it.

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