Born Too Soon: How a Premature Birth Can Affect Your Life


Premature Birth Is a Form of Loss for Mothers


Ask any NICU nurse, and she’ll tell you about the pain a mother suffers seeing her tiny angel having to go through invasive medical procedures. Preterm birth isn’t a problem just for the baby itself, but for the whole family as well, especially the mom.

It might sound odd, but most preterm moms confessed that premature birth felt almost like they’ve lost something. Sure, their babies survived and are healthy now, but they’ve missed what’s usually expected in pregnancy.

  • They Lose the Feeling of “Mothering” the Baby

Imagine that you just gave birth and you are not allowed to hold your baby for more than a month. Then, your kangaroo care sessions (when the baby is put on your bare chest) lasted only a few moments before your baby’s monitors started to sound like crazy.

You feel helpless as you watch others tend to your baby’s needs.  It’s excruciating.

  • They Lose the Most Beautiful Part of Their Pregnancy

Fear is the main emotion experienced by mothers who are susceptible to preterm birth. The final trimester should be the most beautiful part of the pregnancy, but for those women is hell. They don’t get to take pictures of their belly each month. And, they never get to rub their belly every chance they got.

  • They Might Suffer from Mild Cases of PTSD

It’s well known that parents who’ve spent time with their babies in neonatal care are more likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD can have a severe impact on a mother’s day to day life. From reliving the events to the feeling of being constantly on edge, a premature birth can make a woman’s life take a turn for the worst.

You Can Fight Premature Birth

Because November is Prematurity Awareness Month, Scrubsmag encourages all women, pregnant or considering pregnancy, to learn as much as possible about what they should do to ensure a healthy term. Talk to you doctor about risk factors, concerns, premature labor, and so on. Don’t assume that just because you are healthy, it will never happen to you. It can happen to anyone, even the healthiest woman.


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