The Boxes of Love Project

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So you want to change the world. And so you do, with each and every shift. But here’s the thing—even nurses have their limits.

Lyndsee Wunn, a pediatric nurse in Portland, Ore., realized her own limits when she and her husband fostered (and later adopted) a baby boy. Though the child was welcome in their hearts and home, navigating the foster care system was a grueling process—so much so that they decided a second foster child was not for them. 

So they found another outlet. Enter: The Boxes of Love Project.

In the Spring 2015 issue of Scrubs, Lyndsee describes the vision that gave rise to the project, which provides babies and children en route to foster care with a large box containing a number of personal belongings, such as clothing, shoes and comfort items.

The goal? To show these children they are loved, and to offer an added sense of security during a tumultuous time. 

We encourage you to learn more about this ingenious grassroots effort, and to do so, you can visit The Boxes of Love Project website here

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