Brain you-know-whats

iStockphoto | Thinkstock + Scrubs
I had such a brain emission yesterday, I am embarrassed to admit my cerebral faux pas but trust me when I say it was a doozie.
The doc with whom I was working looked at me with quite a puzzled expression on his face, and when I realized my blunder I felt about as big as a smurf—three apples high (or is it four? I forget).

Shortly thereafter it was time for me to go on my break and I was haunted by the interaction…could barely enjoy my turkey sandwich and chips! When I came back to the treatment area, he had already left for the day so I let it go.

But all night I thought about it, I even dreamt about it! So the next morning I quickly wrote him an email telling him I was so sorry and that I just totally had a brain lapse and that I didn’t want him to be suspicious of my competent nursing skills. Sweetie pie that he is, he just said “Don’t worry, it happens to me too.”

Moral of the story: no matter how long you have been a nurse, you will probably have a space cadet day. Try to forgive yourself, I’m pretty sure your co-workers will too.

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