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Breaking The Mental Health Taboo In The Nursing Industry


Don’t Be Ashamed

Mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed about. Just like any other disease, they can be mitigated, treated, and even cured. The first step is admitting to yourself that you need help and that you are willing to seek it – openly.

The mental health taboo in the nursing industry – and the workplace at large – stems from an unwillingness to communicate about the importance of mental health. From the perceived shame of needing help.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Standing up and admitting that you are overstressed, anxious, or depressed is the first step to creating a dialogue about the mental health conditions in the nursing industry.

Be brave. Be bold. And never be ashamed of your mental health issues. They do not define you – and they are not permanent.

Break The Taboo By Taking These Steps To A Healthier Workplace – And A Healthier You

Whether you’re having mental health issues or know another nurse who is struggling, you can break the taboo of discussing mental health in the workplace. Working together is the only means by which we can truly break free of the stigma that discussing mental health issues often carries in the nursing industry.

So focus on your mental health and that of your coworkers. Together, we can make the workplace a happier and less stressful place for everyone – and focus on delivering incredible patient care in a supportive, friendly environment. And that’s what we all want.

So be honest, be truthful, and never be ashamed of who you are – even if you’re struggling. That’s the first step towards success and to a better life.

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