BRN form freakout

Jupiterimages | Comstock | Getty Images

I would have to say that this has definitely been the most stressful break from school I have ever had. After a weekend of working and a morning of sleeping in (ok, there have been some perks), my spring break has just started and I’m up to my eyeballs in forms and paperwork. The BRN has a 27 page packet so chock-full of words and rules that I can’t think straight. I saved it to complete during my break so I could give it my full attention, and now I’m avoiding it like the plaugue.

Then there is the thought of new grad applications in the future, trying to organize everything so that when the time comes I’m ready for it. But wow – let me tell you – that’s a lot of pressure! Getting everything down on these last papers that you know are going to influence the rest of your life is kind of freaking me out. OK, really freaking me out. I mean, I know it’s just an application, there are no right or wrong answers on it. But still.

Maybe it’s the nerves of graduating creeping up on me in an obscure way, but I’m feeling way lost in this pile of “to-do” lists stacking up. School’s not even in session and I’m more stressed than I was at the end of last quarter. I know it’s got to get done, but even baby steps are looking like giant gaping leaps and I can’t see where I’m landing. I’ve got to talk myself down, anyone feeling overwhelmed too? Got any advice?

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