How to turn your weird hours into travel bargains


Travel during “shoulder season”

Farryn Weiner, associate editor and chief trend spotter for, suggests traveling during “shoulder season”: the optimum budget travel period between high season and low (or off) season. It’s the time of year when things are still nice, but the demand isn’t as high. It’s also the time of year in hospitals when not as many nurses are asking for vacation, so this could be the best time to request one.

September is a traditional shoulder season; many nurses have to get their kids back to school or are going back to school themselves. If you don’t have children or can arrange for someone to care for your kids, you could end up with great travel deals, even in places like Europe. Come September, the weather is still good in Europe and the prices drop to attract visitors. In addition, there are relatively few lines at the major attractions and many museums offer free days, again to attract tourists.

Another advantage of traveling during shoulder season? If hotels are empty, planes are empty! During the periods when accommodations are at lower prices, you’ll also be able to find good flight deals.

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