California increases loan forgiveness for nurses

California State Assemblyman Steve Knight, R-Palmdale, recently introduced a bill that allows nurses to eliminate up to $40,000 of student debt — double the previous $20,000 limit.  The Assembly Higher Education Committee unanimously approved the bill.
The Knight bill expands a previous loan forgiveness program that repaid up to $20,000 of a nurse’s student loans in exchange for four years of nursing service at a state prison or nursing home with a Registered Nurse vacancy rate greater than 10%. 

Other states offer similar programs.  Florida offers a Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program that will repay up to $4000 of nursing debt a year in exchange for nursing service.  Minnesota pays up to $3750 per year, up to a maximum of $15,000 over four years.  The Federal government has a Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program that wipes out 60% of qualifying student loans in exchange for two years’ service.

Have you participated in a loan forgiveness program?  How would you describe your experience?

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