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California ranks as the top state for RN salaries


Hemera | ThinkStock + Scrubs

Hemera | ThinkStock + Scrubs

Do you live and work in California? If so, according to, you’re lucky! Not only does California hold the title of having the top paying city in the country for RNs (the Vallejo-Fairfield metro area), but every city in the top 10 is in the Golden State. So just how good is it? RNs in the Vallejo-Fairfield metro area earn (on average) $119,000, with a cost of living around $71,000. Nice!

It’s not just California that’s getting love on the West Coast–seven out of the top 10 states for RNs are in that region of the country: Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, California, Arizona and New Mexico. The last three? Not too far West–Texas, Minnesota and Illinois. Sorry, East Coast!

Check out this handy breakdown of top pay across the country:

The best nurse salaries in the USA

Infographic source: EasyNCLEX Exam Prep

Where do YOU fit into this list? Are you one of the lucky California RNs? Hit up the comments and fill us in on your situation.


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