Can’t we all just get along?

cat-and-dogSo this week I got a response to one of my postings that was……how do I put this nicely…….angry, it was angry.  That got me thinking about how serious and stressful of a job we have, and how we need to just chill out a little when we’re dealing with each other.  This goes not only for getting along with other nurses at work and outside of work, but even when we are reading and writing blogs.
At work we deal with so much.  Angry patients and families, pain, death, moron physicians/residents and how we as nurses treat each other.  We can try to calm our patients and families down, relieve our patient’s pain, show our strong side when a patient dies and use the residents like our puppets while we make them think all of our ideas are their great ideas…..but we can’t control how we all treat one another.

We have all heard that nurses eat their young, but I really believe that it not just the young, it’s everyone.  We treat each other terrible, when we should be leaning on each other.  We all have to deal with the same things at work, yet we act like we are islands and don’t need anyone else to get through our day.

With a shortage of experienced nurses and the mystery of what health care reform changes loom in our future, now is the time for us to learn to treat each other as professionals.

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