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David Hobler RN
Dave Hobler’s engineering career was cut short by a stroke caused by a rare bacteria. Today he’s an RN and calls the stroke—and his subsequent hospitalization—the “best thing that could have happened.”

You can read Hobler’s full story in the Spring 2015 print edition of Scrubs. You’ll also find his advice for those thinking of going to nursing school (or going back to pursue an advanced degree). Though Hobler speaks from the perspective of a nontraditional, older nursing student (with two BAs and an MBA already under his belt when he entered nursing school), the advice applies to prospective nursing students of any age.

For example, he writes why you should never slide by in a class by doing very little, even if you can do so and still pass. Hint: It’s something you’re likely to regret when you move into your career as a nurse.

Check out the career advice for nurses section for more advice you can use both before and during your nursing career. Below are some of the latest career advice articles, as well as some great ways to network as you look for your first (or next) job!

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Networking (Online and Offline!)
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