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Have you ever seen any of Caroline’s (empoweRN) YouTube videos? The popular nurse vlogger has been hitting it out of the park with her videos on all kinds of topics to help her fellow nurses. Considering it’s graduation season and we’ve got a whole host of new nurses flooding the market, we thought we’d share one of empoweRN’s newest videos about interviewing.

She explains on the video page: “In my career spanning half a decade, I have both been the interviewee and interviewer! And I can certainly give you a few nurse interview tips. First of all, being prepared for the nursing interview is key… but how do you prepare?

“The first thing that you need to do is get comfortable talking about yourself. This is harder than it sounds, especially with strangers staring at you. However, if you know this ahead of time, you can prepare a monologe that will show that you are confident and will be a competent nurse!”

For more tips, check out the video below:

If you love this, you can check out Caroline’s new book, now for sale on Amazon, or check out her website. We’d also love to hear your nursing interview tips in the comments below!

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