Celebrating the unsung heroes of nursing


Every nurse is, in our eyes, a hero. You’re on the front lines of healthcare, caring for patients through thick and thin, and sacrificing your time, energy and sometimes even your health for the profession you love. Yep, every nurse is amazing and deserves a LOT of recognition.

But while no nurse gets all the kudos they deserve, some nurses don’t get nearly as much attention. We’re talking about LPNs, CNAs and male nurses–all very important members of the nursing profession, and all nurses who don’t get as much credit as they should!

This month on Scrubsmag.com, we’re celebrating those unsung heroes of nursing. Sponsored by the Inspired Comfort Awards, Unsung Heroes Month is all about celebrating and thanking male nurses, CNAs and LPNs for their valuable and vital contributions to healthcare.

So whether you’re an RN, LPN, or CNA, join us in saying a big “Thank you!” to the unsung heroes of nursing. You’re all our heroes!

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