Chocolate? Wine? Sleep? How do YOU relieve stress?

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Stress: that dreaded S-word. An unwelcome but all too frequent part of the everyday life of a nurse. And every nurse must figure out, through the course of a career, the methods of stress relief that work best for him or her.

Not long ago we published some great REAL advice for stress relief, and as a follow-up we wanted to find out how YOU deal with stress. We asked our Facebook fans and got some fantastic answers, but don’t let the stress relief advice stop here! Add your own favorite de-stressors in the comments below.

1. Wine…sex…sleep…in that order.
– Shannon R.

2. Wine. Lots of it.
– Sara M.

3. Jesus!
– Paula B.

4. Xanax…lots of Xanax. LOL!
– Michelle L.

5. Cry.
– Kelsey S.

6. Hot bubble bath, candles, soft music and a glass of wine by myself. Heaven on earth.
– Debbie B.

7. Hit the gym!
– Stephanie M.

8. Lots of loud music on my hour’s drive home.
– Ann-marie C.

9. Humour. It helps everybody.
– Brian C.

10. Relaxation, the beach, music, family, friends and sleep!!! Love my sleep! LOL…don’t wake a sleeping nurse!!
– Alicia S.

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