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Top 10 Things to Do in Annapolis

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, and surprisingly, the world does not know it for skyscrapers, beautiful skylines, etc. It is a simple city with a small population. However, there are lots of attractions for those who visit it. Let’s take a look at the 10 best.

1.      National Capital Radio &Television Museum

As common as they are, people take electronics for granted. Visit National Capital Radio & Television Museum and you will never think of your TV the same away again. It is probably the best place when it comes to historic TV and radio collections.

2.      Curtis Creek Graveyard

Visiting a graveyard when visiting a new city for fun can seem a bit strange. The sight of dumped boats and ships in still water with a backdrop of gray horizon has eeriness to it. Curtis Creek Ship Graveyard is an experience you will never forget.

3.      Cantler’s Riverside Inn

Annapolis has a mysterious connection with water. The seafood here is top notch but there is no place better than Cantler’s Riverside Inn for a memorable Oyster Trail and Maryland Crab dinner.

4.      Original Annapolis Seafood Crawl

You can’t ignore sea and seafood when you are in Annapolis. The Original Annapolis Seafood Crawl is a 2-hour tour that gives you the best insight into Annapolis’ seafood offerings. Don’t just see the foods, taste them too.

5.      Ego Alley

Ego Alley is experiencing the essence of Annapolis. Walk on the roads looking at people passing you by with their boats while the guitar of a street performer plays in the back.

6.      Chick and Ruth’s Delly

You can’t think of coming back from Annapolis until you have had a dinner at Chick and Ruth’s Delly. They serve delicious American food, and have vegan options as well. Do not miss their sandwiches, crab omelet and pastrami when you are there.

7.      Lewnes Steakhouse

It’s a steakhouse, and you’ll agree it is the best one in Annapolis after visiting it once. It is a bit on the expensive side but every steak is a prime steak here without a doubt.

8.      Annapolis Historic District

Take a tour of the Annapolis Historic District and you will feel you still haven’t stepped in the 21st century. The homes are still old-styled with clean streets and trees everywhere. You can take a boat tour for some family fun too once you are here.

9.      US Naval Academy Museum

It has been there since 1845 and if you love history, the historic naval items will go in your “favorite history” album. You can enter the museum free and will enjoy audio and video complementing your overall experience in the museum.

10.  Annapolis Sailing School

Learn how to operate a vessel or maneuver your keelboat around. Annapolis Sailing School offers a lot of water activities including fishing for some delicious striped bass. You could even enjoy some time at the sea with their boat rentals.

A surprising thing about Annapolis is that it does not look like big cities. There is still some calmness in its streets. People who have interest in water sports, activities, and sailing, will love to be here.