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Top 10 Things to Do in Atlanta

Atlanta is huge and it is home to a lot of people i.e. more than 486,000 people according to the recent census. It is the city that came alive from underneath the ashes. Today, it accommodates the planet’s busiest airport and its GDP lands it on rank 7 in the country. Let’s take a look at the top 10 things to do in Atlanta.

1. Atlanta Botanical Garden

It is a garden that will stay in your mind forever. It spans across 30 acres of land. While plants are already beautiful, they take a completely new form in Atlanta Botanical Garden. Take well-being classes, watch concerts or enjoy some refreshing cocktails, all in one place.

2. Atlanta City Tour by Electric Car

How could you not love this one? If you are tired of walking, get yourself an electric car. The tour can last for up to two hours. However, it will show you all the amazing places in Atlanta including Martin Luther King Jr. historic site and the World of Coca-Cola.

3. Georgia Aquarium

No, it is not the one resting in the corner of the room with some colorful fish. Georgia Aquarium holds over 10 million gallons of water. In this water, there are hundreds of thousands of different sea animals. Do not forget to see the whale sharks. Yes, there is something in the world that’s whale and shark at the same time.

4. High Museum

It is an art museum and one of the best in the world. There is a lot for you to see. Some things you can relate to and other that are exotic. It hosts more than 15,000 works of art from European, American, and African art.

5. Stone Mountain Park

For some, it might end up being the best place in the world. It is a park next to a giant stone. The stone is more than 1,600 feet higher than sea level. Lie down on the green grass and see the mighty rock with the beautiful rock-relief at its heart. Enjoy some military discount various attractions in the area.

6. Piedmont Park

If you are visiting Atlanta Botanical Garden, you should visit piedmont park too because they are right next to each other. What is it that you want to do? From walking to swimming pools and tennis courts, there is something for everyone here.

7. Southern Food Tour

You can’t visit a different part of the world or a city without experiencing its culture. Furthermore, there is no better way to experience a place’s culture than eating its food. Enjoy the Southern Food Tour, taste lots of foods during 3.5 hours of on-foot tour.

8. World of Coca Cola

Do you like Coca cola? If yes, you are going to fall in love with the brand even more. If you don’t like them, you are going to admire them. There is a lot to see but most importantly, do not forget to taste over 100 different drinks.

9. Centennial Olympic Park

If you don’t remember, Atlanta has hosted Olympics in 1996. The Wednesday Wind Down concert series is what you would love if you like music. Visit the park and immerse yourself in the year 1996 if you had watched those Olympics on TV at that time.

10. Porsche Experience Center

It will be the most thrilling experience of your life. You have to experience Porsche because their 1.6 miles track is open for all your driving talents and skills. Learn some skills, enjoy some thrilling rides, and of course, feel how Porsche is different from the rest of the automobile brands.

Keep in mind, Atlanta is a huge city. While this list looks big, there is still more for you to do than you can find on this list.