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Top 10 Things to Do In Bismarck

Bismarck, North Dakota’s capital is famous for its great outdoors, history and heritage. Bismarck is a combination of new and old buildings that date back to the 1800s as well as modernized skyscrapers and parks. If it’s your first time there, here is a list of things to do.

1. Belle Mehus Auditorium

Since its inception in 1914, the auditorium hosted a plethora of different performances such as children’s Christmas choir and largely orchestrated symphonies. Named after a famous pianist from Bismarck, this historic theatre is most famous for its many shows in performing arts.

2. Keelboat Park

This park famously resides near the Missouri River, where recreational water and outdoor activities take place. Within the park are also sculptures and replicas that allude to the rich heritage of the park.

3. Gateway to Science

The Gateway to Science Center is a science and tech enthusiasts dream come true. On a weekly basis, exhibitions such as air pressure, light machines, artificial intelligence and coding feature at the center. This center caters to the likes of all people regardless of age.

4. Sertoma Park

Alongside being one of the biggest parks in North Dakota, the Sertoma park is famous for many things. It houses the Dakota zoo as well as the Super Slide Amusement Park; both these sites have something for everyone.

5. Camp Hancock State Historic Site

Camp Hancock, found in 1872, provided shelter to workers of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Due to the camp still preserving or recreating many of the original buildings, this site is mainly for history enthusiasts.

6. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

Although a little far from Bismarck, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park still holds significance in preserving and replicating historical structures. Along with a history lesson about the camp, visitors also indulge in simulated training and other recreational activities.

7. Lewis and Clark Riverboat Cruises

If you want to explore the upper Missouri river while relaxing, well then look no further. Lewis and Clark Riverboat takes a more historical approach to a cruise. With its massive 150-passenger paddle wheeler, you will be able to view the countryside in all its beauty with ease.

8. State Capitol

The state capitol has been a more frequently visited tourist destination for all capital cities, and it’s easy to see why. Built in the 1930s, the building contains an observation deck and a hall of fame for the contributors of the state.

9. Dakota Zoo

What could be the best family tourist attraction in North Dakota, the Dakota Zoo has been operating since 1961. The zoo now houses nearly 125 species of animals on a 90-acre facility and focuses mainly on the education of wildlife.

10. North Dakota Heritage Center

The North Dakota heritage center contains artifacts and cultural representations of North Dakota’s rich heritage. Along with history, temporary exhibits that feature contemporary and modern art are on display, so there is always something new.

In conclusion, Bismarck is a fantastic city with many other wonders waiting for you to find them. It is an amazing tourist spot and has activities for families as well as kids.