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Top 10 Things to Do In Boise

Boise, Idaho, is a lesser-known city when compared to cities like Philadelphia and Baton Rouge. However, Boise is gaining the attention of people from around the world as a great tourist destination. In this guide, you will know some of the top 10 things to do in the city.

1. Idaho Botanical Garden

Many regard this garden as a historical gem after seeing how it was previously a farm used by the Idaho State Penitentiary. This massive 50-acre plot consists of different sections such as a Cactus Garden, An English Garden, and an Alpine Garden. These features make it great for plant lovers.

2. Capital City Public Market

Stretching across the downtown district is the capital city public market. Found in 1990, this four blocks vast marketplace sells the best and freshest produce across the Boise area. With its staggering 150 vendors, there is no shortage of products.

3. Hulls Gulch Reserve

In the north of Boise rests the Hulls Gulch Reserve. Famous for its hiking tracks that stretch for 150 miles, You can bike, run or horseback your way through them. Along the way, you can also see rare wildlife species like coyotes, red foxes, and horned owls.

4. Discovery Centre Idaho

A science center for the technology enthusiasts, this center takes pride in educating tourists and visitors about Technology and science. With temporary and fixed exhibits, which are all interactive, there is always something new and exciting to expect.

5. Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Centre

Now, something for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, the Bogus Basin Recreation Centre caters to your thrill-seeking needs. Founded in 1940, it is located at the northeast of Boise and mostly deals in ski-related activities. With skiing trails going upwards of 20 miles, it’s an adventure you will surely remember.

6. Zoo Boise

The Zoo Boise is famous for being a zoological park that shelter diverse species of animals. Its core purpose is to educate visitors about wildlife, in accordance to that purpose, many of the exhibits are intractable.

7. Barber Park

This park is the ultimate site to visit in Boise, regardless of your age or preference you will definitely find something to enjoy here. From relaxing and animal spotting, to kayaking and hiking this park caters to the likes of everyone.

8. Boise Art Museum

First established in 1930, the property stretches over 30,000 Square feet and contains a huge collection of modern art. This includes the museum shop, a Sculpture garden, an education center and the main museum area.

9. The Boise River Green Belt

Originally, it was a part of parkland. This greenbelt resides in the center of Boise. The Green Belt has a fantastic view of the city as well as the fauna and vegetation. Some of its sights are truly magical.

10. Aquarium of Boise

One of the most attractive tourist sights is the Boise Aquarium. What sets this aquarium apart are the many interactive tanks that are filled with rays, crabs, starfish, and corals. Moreover, there are shark nurseries and tanks that feature giant octopus.

The great attractions of Boise must have convinced you to visit it by now. Nevertheless, these sites and attractions are only scratching the surface of what is a tremendously beautiful city.