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Top 10 Things to Do In Boston

Boston is home to one of the country’s largest collection of museums and historical monuments. Take a walk down freedom trail or visit the New England Holocaust memorial, while stopping by the Boston Tea Party Museum. There is a lot to see here and it can be overwhelming but if you plan to visit Boston, here are ten things you must do there.

1. Beacon Hill

Beacon House is one of the oldest housing streets to stay since the mid 18th century. Visitors can stroll the many historically rebuilt houses or visit the Massachusetts State House that is home to the Commonwealth government.

2. New England Holocaust Memorial

The New England stands not only as a historical monument in Boston, rather as a reminder of the importance of human rights. Visitors can see the many events of the Holocaust and the six glass towers.

3. John F Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library

The John F. Kennedy Museum and Library pays homage to the 35th president of the United States and his life’s efforts and works. Visitors can view the many artifacts documents and photographs within the museum.

4. Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is an interactive display of the events occurred in the original 1773 Boston Tea Party. Through actors, short videos and performances visitors will learn of the order of the 200-year-old event.

5. Fenway Park

Considered America’s most beloved ballpark, the Fenway Park is home to the famous Boston Red Sox. Visitors can participate in a friendly match as well as learn of the great legends who lived throughout the club’s years.

6. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Gardner Museum is home to one of Boston’s greatest collection of art from all around the world. Established in 1903, visitors can see the 2,500 pieces of art within the museum, which include Medival Europe, ancient Rome, and the Islamic World.

7. The Public Garden

Spanning over 24 acres of land, the Public garden consists of great gardens with exotic flowers. Visitors can see the many diverse gardens and the greenhouse where they initially grow.

8. Boston’s Freedom Trail

Home to the most significant collection of historical memorials, Boston’s freedom Trail tells the story of the American Revolution through its many museums and monuments. Some of the monuments include the Benjamin Franklin Statue and the Boston Massacre.

9. The Museum of Fine Arts

With a collection of up to 500,000 pieces of art, The Museum of Fine Arts contains artifacts from modernistic exhibits, to more historical exhibits. Visitors can see the plethora of Revolving and static exhibits.

10. Boston Common

Stretching over 55 acres of land the Boston Common is the starting of the Freedom Trail and the oldest park in the United States. Visitors can explore the beautiful park, especially at night thanks to its beautiful lights.

Boston is a city of great history and was the start of the American Revolution making it a great place for an educational weekend.