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Top 10 Things to Do In Charleston

Being the oldest and largest city in the state of South Carolina, Charleston holds its reputation as a city of history. Charleston is for those who prefer quiet times and rich and deep lore of artifacts around them. Therefore, if you decide to make it to Charleston, this guide is your new bucket list.

1. Stand Under the Angel Oak

It is nearly 500 years old. This tree boasts its size and beauty with massive branches that stretch about 10-12 feet long. Moreover, it might be the only tree to have a bedtime as the park closes at 5 pm sharp.

2. Visit the “Old Village”

Preset in Mount Pleasant is the old village. This village is hard to find, but it is a beauty to behold. It doesn’t have many inhabitants. Hence, there are very few restaurants and shops. Finally, before leaving the village, be sure to visit the Pitt Street Bridge.

3. Visit a Farmers Market

A misconception about a farmers market is that it’s only there to sell fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, farmer’s markets have many musicians, artists, and snacks in them so you can enjoy as you shop.

4. Try the Famous Restaurants

Although Charleston was never the city of culinary finesse, it is slowly turning into one. Instead, you can take a culinary tour in downtown Charleston and simply see for yourself.

5. Tour Some Cemeteries

Now you might be wondering how can touring a cemetery be any fun. For starters, many of the cemeteries in Charleston date back to before the U.S. came into being. Along with being creepy, it is somehow also beautiful and peaceful, and very picturesque.

6. Walk “The Bridge”

It is possibly one of the most iconic sites in all of Charleston, The Arthur Ravenel Jr. The bridge is otherwise known as The Cooper River Bridge.  It is the platform for the famous Cooper River Bridge Run and connects Mount Pleasant to downtown Charleston.

7. Stroll along the Battery

Adjacent to the White Point Gardens lays the edge of the Charleston Peninsula downtown, the battery. This beach also includes a sidewalk where you can get amazing views of the harbor.

8. Dance at the Commodore

The old Jazz club turned dance arena, A Touch of Glass still maintains the ambiance of the early days while playing some of the more recent jazz. For those who like to let loose, or who appreciate jazz music, this is the perfect place for you.

9. The Edge of America

People more famously refer to folly beach as the “Edge of America”. At the end of the island, you can see the Morrison Island lighthouse. Folly beach also houses some of the greatest graffiti arts in South Carolina. Therefore, you have to be sure to see that as well.

10. Travel by Bike

Now you may argue that Charleston doesn’t have the most bike-friendly roads, but they’re slowly getting there. On your bike, you will be able to see and appreciate the unique architecture of this city.

In conclusion, there are a lot more things to do other than this list. So, be vigilant and enjoy what is possibly your best and most picturesque vacation.