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Top 10 Things to Do In Columbus

Columbus Ohio, founded in 1802, has become the third largest growing city in the United States. Columbus houses some of the country’s greatest parks, museums, and restaurants that cater to the taste of every demographic. If you are planning to visit or are looking for something new to do, here are ten of the most top 10 things to do in Columbus Ohio.

1. Ohio Stadium

After its establishment in 1922, the Ohio stadium has become one of the most recognizable stadiums in sports history. Situated at the Ohio state university campus, the stadium can accommodate nearly 105,000 people and has hosted many super bowl events.

2. Ohio Theater

Found in 1928, the Ohio Theater is home to more than a hundred performances with actors from BalletMet, Broadway Across America, etc. Initially a movie house, the Ohio Theater still holds its romantic ambiance and is the perfect place for couples.

3. The Topiary Park

Initially envisioned by James and Elaine Mason for the Ohio School for the deaf, the park finally became a reality in 1992. The park holds many beautiful structures that attract many tourists, and volunteers maintain the park, as it is a non-profit organization.

4. Columbus Museum of Art

The Columbus Museum of Art prides itself on promoting interest in visitors through interactive learning activities and exhibitions. What sets this museum apart from others, is that it relies heavily on the interaction between visitors. They accomplish this through different activities like short courses and debates in community hubs about individual experiences with art.

5. North Market

Open markets are very hard to find these days. However, the north market offers a one of a kind experience in this regard. Many people visit this farmers market to find either fresh produce or for the many street vendors and artists there.

6. German Village

As the name implies, a large population of the German Village speaks German, and many of the architectures boast German culture. The village got its name during the 1800s when German immigrants settled in South downtown Columbus. Since then, the village remains mostly unchanged, which has become quite the tourist attraction.

7. Short North Arts District

Initially a deserted area before 1984, many now refer to it as “the art and soul of Columbus”. Currently housing over 300 businesses in its district, due to its plethora of options many tourists come to shop and dine.

8. Center of Science and Industry

Over the past five decades, the Center of Science and Industry has displayed innovations in the field of science. Within the 320,000sq feet center, children and science aficionados alike will enjoy themselves with the wide range of exhibitions.

9. Downtown Columbus

A jack-of-all-trades when it comes to tourist attractions, Downtown Columbus has everything for every demographic and more. Although downtown may be a little small, it compensates with its unlimited possibilities. It’s a great place to start or end your day.

10. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

As global warming and climate change have become a greater threat today, the conservatory aims towards stabilization. This massive 88-acre conservatory prides itself on educating visitors on plantation and conservation and holds many different species of trees and flowers.

Columbus has recently become quite the tourist attraction. With all these different activities, it's easy to see why. In conclusion, Columbus might not be for the thrill-seeking, but it’s for those with exquisite taste and love for plants.