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Top 10 Things to Do In Dover

While most people stumble upon this quiet town while traveling to other cities, Dover holds many attractions to cater to different demographics. As Dover protected England from the attacks by the Europeans, it holds a lot of history from World War 2.  If you are planning to visit there or are just looking for something to do there, here are 10 things to do in Dover.

1. Richborough Roman Fort

A unique site in Dover, this place marks the location of the beginning and the end of the Roman rule in Britain.  With defensive ditches and forts, there is plenty here for those looking for adventure.

2. Deal Castle

Built during the 1540s, many consider the Deal castle to be one of the better-built Tudor castles in England. The castle is open to all visitors and holds multiple gardens and an armory, which holds multiple medieval weapons.

3. Pines Garden

Four miles away from Dover comes the beautiful Pines garden. This massive 4-acre park holds a tearoom, an adjoining lake and a kitchen garden with as many as 40 species of vegetables and fruit. Visitors can roam the gardens and pick fruit from the kitchen garden.

4. Bleriot Memorial

Louis Bleriot, in 1909, was the first pilot to cross the English channel. The aircraft he flew in was reported to be “heavier than air”. His memorial is in the shape of his aircraft making it unique and is located at the North fall Meadow.

5. Dover Museum

Present in Market Square, The Dover Museum prides itself in the preservation of the town’s rich history. It houses many artifacts from its Roman era as well as the world’s oldest seagoing vessel. The vessel is made of wood and is an estimated 3,000 years old.

6. Roman Painted House

Made during AD200, The mansion served as a guesthouse for those traveling the English channel. With somewhat 50 structures, the Roman painted house is one of the oldest surviving relics of that era.

7. Dover Western Heights

Construction for the Dover Western Heights began in 1779 due to the fear of the French. It is the largest fort in England with multiple smaller forts and ditches. Other famous landmarks there are the Drop Redoubt and the Citadel.

8. South Foreland Lighthouse

Famous for being the first tower to where Marconi successfully attempted radio navigation, it was also the first lighthouse to have an electric light. Built in 1843, the lighthouse stood upon the white cliffs of Dover. Visitors can also see the mechanism built to maintain the lighthouse.

9. Dover Castle

The Dover Castle, built by Henry II, stands tall atop the English Channel. The Norman keep hold the many exhibits within the castle, as well as furnished, cambers within the Great Tower.

10. Chalk Cliffs of Dover

Arguably one of the most famous sites in all of England, it is also the first site for many who come by sea. Visitors there can learn about the many references Shakespeare has made to it as well as the many animals that inhabit the mountain.

In conclusion, Dover holds many of England’s great historical monuments, which make it a go-to place for all history aficionados.