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Top 10 Things to Do In Frankfort

If people were to describe Kentucky as the state of wine, bourbon, and horses, they wouldn’t be wrong. At the heart of this state lies, the capital, Frankfort that is famous for its Southern hospitality, rich history, and small-town charm. If you plan to visit Frankfort, here are 10 things that you must do.

1. Capital City Museum

The capital city museum is the embodiment of the phrase “size doesn’t matter”. It seems almost magical as how 200 years worth of history and culture fit into this tiny exhibit. Furthermore, the museum itself is an artifact; the Capital hotel is nearly 150 years old.

2. Elkhorn Creek

A famous spot for avid fishing enthusiasts, the Elkhorn creek houses many camping grounds as well as canoeing opportunities. Elkhorn Creek lies at the outskirts of Frankfort and offers many adventures across its 17-mile stretch of water.

3. Old Governor’s Mansion

Regarded as the oldest American executive residence still in use, the governor’s mansion has seen many changes through the years. While 35 governors lived there, the last one was in 1872, after which the office was handed to the Lieutenant Governors of Kentucky.

4. Cove Springs Park

Consisting of springs, streams, and waterfalls, this 240-acre park prides itself on the preservation of nature. Many regard it as one of the biggest United States nature preservation centers. The park also consists of hiking trails, each around three miles long.

5. Liberty Hall

Liberty hall contains two houses built by the first senator of Kentucky, John Brown. The liberty hall acts as a museum of sorts where visitors can interact with exhibits as well as participate in the many programs there.

6. Governor’s Mansion

Acting as the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s official residence, the old Governor’s mansion was home to 26 governors since 1914. At the mansion, all of the governors’ ceremonial, political and social activities take place.

7. Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky

Serving as the Kentucky Historical Society’s headquarters, this enormous 167,000 square-foot facility acts as a museum and research center. It holds many temporary and permanent exhibits as well as a research library.

8. Salato Wildlife Education Center

While the threat of extinction has never been more real, the Salato Wildlife Education Center teaches visitors about the preservation of wildlife. The center also features indoor and outdoor exhibits.

9. New Capitol Building

After its establishment in 1910, the capital building is the fourth building to house the Kentucky government. The interior consists of grey Tennessee marble, dark green Italian marble and white Georgia marble, all of which can be seen by visitors.

10. Old State Capitol

Serving as the capital building for Kentucky for nearly 80 years, as more members came into the government a new capital building came with it. Now it functions as a museum and is home to the Kentucky Historical Society.

In conclusion, Frankfort is an amazing place to visit for those who are intrigued by American history. They will find a lot of there, as Frankfort is a historical goldmine.