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Top 10 Things to Do In Harrisburg

As the capital of the fifth largest state in the United States, many expect a lot from Harrisburg. However, Harrisburg with its plethora of attractions doesn’t disappoint. If you’re planning to vast Harrisburg, here are ten best things to do there.

1. Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra

Dating back to the great depression, the Harrisburg symphony orchestra consists of great musicians that are mostly all over the United States. With their first performance in 1931, the group has since then grown in number and scale.

2. Pride of the Susquehanna

A 120-passenger riverboat, the Susquehanna offers narrated cruises that give information about the sights and history of the region. Each of these cruises lasts 45 minutes long and operates on a daily basis during summer.

3. Pennsylvania National Fire Museum

Dedicated to preserving the firefighting heritage of the state, the Pennsylvania National Fire Museum has a large collection of relics and artifacts. Visitors can learn about the many firefighting stories and techniques used in older times.

4. National Civil War Museum

Although the Civil War was a great tragedy, from it came many reforms and laws that changed the landscape of the country. Present on Lincoln Circle the museum houses around 24,000 relics from the civil war, each telling a different tale of the Civil War.

5. State Museum of Pennsylvania

Located in downtown Harrisburg, at North Street, the museum prides itself on preserving the rich lore and heritage of the state. With the statue of Penn present in the museum’s central hall, many also refer to it as the William Penn Memorial Museum.

6. Wildwood Park

As the threat of extinction becomes more real, people are helping in the preservation of wildlife. One such center is the Wildwood Park, which shelters many endangered species of plants and animals.

7. Spring Gate Vineyard

`Boasting an enormous 60-acre land that contains wildlife, streams and beautiful fields, the spring gate vineyard recently opened in 2010. Since the 18th century, only three families have resided in the land and the property dates back to the Revolutionary War.

8. Susquehanna Art Museum

With history as diverse and rich as that of Pennsylvania, there are bound to be many museums. What sets this museum apart is the many lectures seminars and workshops offered to adults and the youth alike regarding history. It has many permanent and temporary exhibits.

9. Pennsylvania State Capitol

A staple of every capital city in the United States, the state capitol acts as the seat of government by the state of Pennsylvania. Due to the many sculptures and murals in the building, many also refer to it as a “Palace of Art”

10. The Whitaker Center

The Whitaker Center is possibly Pennsylvania’s most important center that promotes science, education, culture, and art. The massive 130,000 square feet center has many exhibits both rotating and static. Moreover, it also holds three venues specific to each field.

In conclusion, Harrisburg is a city of art history and culture and is a goldmine for those interested in these fields.