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Top 10 Things to Do In Helena

Visitors traveling to Helena, the capital of Montana, often keep high expectations and the city does not disappoint them. With beautiful parks and a plethora of museums, this pleasant city manages to tell the story of the old west in the best way. If you plan to visit Helena, you must visit these ten places:

1. Great Divide Ski Area

A great place for avid thrill seekers, the great divide park covers a total area of 1600 acres. The park contains multiple bowls, glades, and skiing areas that stretch across three picturesque valleys and mountain peaks.

2. Last Chance Ranch

Atop 80 acres of land, lies the Last Chance Ranch filled with lush forests and calm beaver ponds. With breathtaking views of the Helena Nation forest, and activities such as hiking and bird watching make it a go-to place for adventurers.

3. Helena National Forest

With multiple trails that encourage horseback riding and hiking, the Helena National Forest is truly for the adventurous. Along with its many trails, you can also witness the limestone canyons.

4. Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts

Founded by Brick maker Archie Bray in 1951, the core purpose for the Archie Bray Foundation is to promote ceramic art. Its appearance resembles that of an old brick factory and it has many Static and rotating exhibits.

5. Holter Museum of Art

While there are many museums present in this quaint city, the Holter museum stands out amongst them. What sets this museum apart is the motive to preserve, interpret, and teach art. The museum offers many courses to youth and adults alike.

6. Helena Historic District

This district holds great historical value for the city of Helena, as this district was its origins. The last few gold miners came to the gulch in this district and were lucky to find gold here. You can explore the camp where the miners lived as well as the caretaker’s house which is Helena’s oldest house.

7. Mount Helena City Park

Nearly 5,000 feet above sea level, lies the great Mount Helena City Park amazes visitors with its beautiful vistas. It has many trails on which visitors can hike and explore the plants and fauna of the mountain.

8. Cathedral of St. Helena

Commissioned by a local philanthropist, Thomas Cruse, the Cathedral of St. Helena came to be in 1924. Its interior design, from the paintings to the delicate glasswork, tell stories of christen lore. Visitors will learn more about the church, its religious themes and how it came to be.

9. Montana Historical Society Museum

With a collection of over 50,000 relics and artifacts, the Montana Historical Society Museum prides itself, in the preservation of this country’s history and lore. Visitors can see many permanent and temporary exhibits as well as 6,000 Native American artifacts.

10. Montana State Capitol

Now a staple of every capital city in the United States, the Montana State Capitol has a unique architectural style. Along the capital-building, visitors can learn its history through art and architecture exhibits close by.

In conclusion, with its many museums and beautiful mountain peaks, Helena caters to the needs of both adventure and history enthusiasts.