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Top 10 Things to Do In Jackson

Even though being the capital of Mississippi, Jackson remains a much-overlooked city. However, it has started to become a tourist hotspot from its music to its history to its food. If you are planning to visit Jackson here are ten things to do there.

1. Mississippi Petrified Forest

While the name may suggest a more horrific theme, in truth the forest boasts beautiful and picturesque views of walkways. With up to six blocks of forest walkways, the forest got its name from the color of the trees there.

2. Manship Mansion

The Manship family is famous for their contributions to Jackson. During the Civil War Henry Manship, then Mayor of Jackson surrendered to the Confederate soldiers. Visitors can see the house and examine the lifestyle and the many relics present in the house.

3. Greenwood Cemetery

If you are looking for a cemetery with some history, look no further. Established in 1823, the cemetery stretches over 22 acres of land with many historical references and southern touches.

4. The Boyd House

The Boyd house, also known as the oaks house, is a house that holds great historic value. Occupied by the Boyd family for nearly three generations, the Boyd house is the only house to survive the Jackson city fire during the civil war.

5. Mississippi Children’s Museum

With up to 40,000 square feet of exhibits that touch on topics such as technology, science, culture, and many more. Alongside that is the Literacy garden where children can learn about the different Fauna and their habitat.

6. Mississippi Museum of Art

The Mississippi Museum of art holds art from many different local and national artists. It has garnered the attention of casuals as well with its excellent café and an urban farm that present on museum grounds.

7. The Jackson Zoo

The Jackson zoo houses 202 species of animals within a large 110-acre facility. The Jackson Zoo also actively participates in helping endangered species, they themselves shelter around 10 endangered species.

8. The Mississippi Agricultural Museum

Unlike the other museums in Jackson, the Mississippi Agricultural Museum brings with it’s a special twist. The museum acts also acts as a farmers market where you can buy fresh food and learn about how they grow.

9. The Capitol Buildings

Jackson city houses two of the most beautiful government buildings in Mississippi. While the government left this old building in the early part of the 1900s, the new building finished in 1903where the government moved in soon after.

10. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

With a massive 70,000 square feet facility, the Mississippi Museum of Natural science has many permanent and temporary exhibits. It preserves information about wildlife, science, and history as well as an outdoor trail to enjoy the scenery.

Though many may overlook Jackson city, its attractions hold great promise and will surely be a trip of a lifetime.