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Top 10 Things to Do In Jefferson

It is the county seat of Marion County, in Texas, but people often overlook Jefferson for the small city it is. However, this city is an important landmark in Texas history, and what many consider has the most welcoming southern attitude. If you’re looking to discover a new city, then look no further as here are the ten best things to see/do in Jefferson, Texas.

1 Lake O’ The Pines

If you feel like relaxing or you suddenly grow the urge to go fishing, then Jefferson holds just the spot for you. The pines lake is a 17,000-acre reservoir of the big Cyprus Bayou. With extensive parks containing long trails and an excellent fishery, it’s the perfect place for fishing and hiking enthusiasts.

2. Turning Basin Riverboat Tours

This tour is a nature lover dream come true, as the Big Cyprus Bayou is a natural paradise. To better explore the bayou boat trips lasting an hour take you through famous locations of the bayou along with a narrator. The narrator tells visitors about the local wildlife, the flora and general history of Jefferson.

3. Historic Jefferson Ghost Walk

A location not for the faint of heart, the Ghost Walk takes visitors through Jefferson’s most haunted places. Referred by many as the most haunted place in the united states, Jefferson boasts graveyards houses and keeps that will give even the bravest of visitors the creeps.

4. The Jefferson Railway

One of the only working steam trains in the world, The Jefferson Railway takes visitors on an adventure of a lifetime. The train travels through the forest and passes the bayou showing different popular spots.

5. Museum of Measurement and Time

Johnny and Edith Ingram are the two most famous personalities in Jefferson. Throughout their life, they had collected many artifacts and relics which are now present in the museum. Visitors going there will get the chance to meet them and learn the history of their relics.

6. Freeman plantation

Owned by Williamson T. Freeman, the freeman plantation consists of a large mansion and fields that consist of many trees and flowers. Visitors will be treated to the rich lore of Jefferson as well as the unique flowers with tours of the grounds.

7. Caddo Lake State Park

The Caddo lake is famous for the many fish that inhabit it and its massive 26,000-acre area. The park also consists of many swamps and trees unique to its area. Visitors can rent boats or bring their own and fish to their heart's content.

8. Jefferson Ordinance Magazine

The Jefferson Ordinance Magazine is famous for its Strategic location during the Confederate war. Used to transport ammunition, the walls are nearly 1 meter thick and 15 meters high.

9. The Grove

Built in 1861, many consider the Grove to be the most haunted house in all of the United States. Visitors can learn more about its history through tours and books sold inside.

10. Jefferson Historical Museum

Being a historical goldmine that Jefferson is, not having a museum to shoot off that rich lore would be an injustice. The museum holds artifacts from the Marion County as well as documents from when it was the Federal Courthouse.

In conclusion, Do not be on of those people who judge Jefferson by its cover, and explore what is a haunted yet historical goldmine.