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Top 10 Things to Do In Juneau

As the capital of Alaska, Juneau is an adventurer's dream comes true. From its many glaciers to the hiking trails and the streams filled with salmon, there is plenty to do here. If you plan on visiting Juneau, here are the ten things to do there

1. Coastal Helicopters

With the help of guided helicopter tours, you will be able to see the many glaciers that inhabit Alaska. The helicopter also drops down later allowing you to walk around the glacier.

2. DIPAC Macaulay Salmon Hatchery

Contrary to its name, the DIPAC salmon hatchery is also an aquarium that houses more than 150 species of fish.  With multiple seminar and programs, DIPAC tends to educate visitors about these sea creatures and their habitat.

3. Alaskan Brewery Company

What happens when you mix history with America’s favorite drink? You get the Alaskan Brewery company. They pride themselves in putting Alaskan history into all of their beverages. For example, The Alaskan Amber was a Gold-rush era brew now reincarnated.

4. Glacier Gardens Rainforest

Thanks to the very uncommon and unique climate of southern Alaska, the Glacier Gardens Rainforest has grown some interesting exhibits. Visitors can opt for guided tours to learn more about the forest, or unguided tours where you can wander around the forest.

5. Harv and Marv’s Outback Alaska

For those curious about the giant mammals that inhabit the sea, Harv and Marv offer a whale watching experience unlike any other. Visitors will venture into the sea on boats to get photos of bald eagles, sea lions, and humpback whales.

6. Era Flightseeing

For those who don't have acrophobia, this is the attraction for you. A helicopter, guided by an experienced pilot and tour guide will take you to see the sights near the Canadian border.

7. Juneau-Douglas City Museum

The Juneau Douglas History museum prides itself in preserving artifacts and educating visitors about them.  The Museum offers many exhibits where you learn Juneau’s rise to glory from a small town.

8. Mount Roberts Tramway

A breathtaking way of experiencing all of the greatness in Alaska, the tramway has cars that go up to 1800 feet in the air an hiver over the downtown Juneau all the way to the rainforest. Visitors can also explore The nature center and Mount Roberts Present at the end of the tramway.

9. Nugget Falls

To experience the true beauty of nature, treat yourself to the to the 377-feet waterfall that is the nugget falls. The nugget glacier feeds into the nugget creek which later feeds into Nugget Falls.

10. Gastineau Guiding Company

Guiding tourists in Alaska since 1994, the Gastineau Guiding company is your go-to place for finding the right guide. If you feel overwhelmed by the things to do or just want a better experience Gastineau offer many packages.

In conclusion, there is a lot to explore in Alaska making it the go-to place for any nature/adventure lover.