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Top 10 Things to Do In Lansing

Many tourists have high expectations when it comes to Lansing,

the capital city of Michigan. Luckily, Lansing doesn't disappoint as it is jam-packed with museums and restaurants to visit. If you want to visit Lansing, here are ten things that you should do there:

1. Turner-Doge House

Constructed in 1855, the Turner Doge mansion is a museum that holds exhibits telling compelling stories about the important people in Lansing. The 9-acre site is a historical landmark for one of the greatest personalities to grace Lansing.

2. Fenner Nature Center

The Fenner Nature center prides itself on educating residents of Lansing about environmental conservation and its importance.  The Massive 134-acre site holds multiple trails along with animals native to the state.

3. The Cooley Law Stadium

Established in 1996, the Cooley Law stadium is home to landings minor league baseball team the Lansing Lugnuts. After more than 60,000 hours of construction, the Cooley Law is also one of the few stadiums that cater to people with disabilities.

4. Lansing River trail

Many people consider the Lansing Rover Trail to be the boardwalk for nature lovers. With up to 13-miles of trails which cross by museums, restaurants, and shops it’s the best place for joggers or casual walker.

5. Abrams Planetarium

The Abrams Planetarium is one of the very few university campus planetariums. The university's department of physics and astronomy manage the space and science center where visitors can tour.

6. R.E olds Transportation Museum

The R.E olds transportation museum is a black sheep when it comes to museums. The museum houses one of the state’s oldest and biggest collections of old western cars. Nearly all of the exhibits in the museum are interactive, and visitors get history on how the car came to be.

7. Impression 5 Science Center

The impression 5 science center is one of the few museums that take interactive learning to a whole new level.  The 25,000 square foot center has multiple displays through which visitors can interact with and indulge all five senses.

8. Potter Park Zoo

The Potter zoo is one of the few zoos in the country that house the endangered animals. The 20-acre facility holds different exhibits for up to 160 species of animals. Moreover, the zoo also boasts a very dedicated education program.

9. Michigan History Center

A paradise for history enthusiasts, the Michigan History center holds information about the rich lore of the country. From its European lineage to its role in the Civil War, all that and much more is available at the Michigan History Center.

10. Michigan State Capitol

Now a staple in nearly every state in the United States, The Michigan state capital is a go-to place for anyone visiting for the first time. Constructed in 1879, The capital building is a masterpiece by the famous architect Elijah. E. Myers.

In conclusion, Michigan is a state with a rich culture and history waiting to be explored by you.