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Top 10 Things to Do In Montgomery

As the then capital of the Confederate States of America, Montgomery played a huge role in American History. With its many museums and historical monument, you can explore how Montgomery slowly shaped the United States. If you're planning to visit there, here are ten things you must to do in Montgomery.

1. The Montgomery River Walk Stadium

Home to the Montgomery Biscuits, the River Walk Stadium is a modern Ballpark constructed on what used to be a train station. First opened in 2004, the stadium seats 7,000 people and includes a children’s playground near the stadium.

2. The Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

As the only museum in the world dedicated towards F. Scott Fitzgerald, the museum contains many memorabilia such as books letters and photos. The museum also holds many social events and galas throughout the year.

3. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

As one of the oldest art museums in the state of Alabama, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts contains many permanent and temporary works of art. Established in 1930, the museum boasts an incredible collection of international and locally renowned artists.

4. Alabama State Capitol

Found in nearly every state capital, the Alabama State Capital is famous for its construction on the Goat Hill. With its many Beaux-Arts influences, the state capitol also houses a museum, which educates visitors on the history of politics in the state of Alabama.

5. Museum of Alabama

Built close to the Alabama State Capitol, the Museum of Alabama holds the state’s biggest historical goldmine. Built in 1940, the museum holds many static and rotating exhibitions, which are mostly about the history and evolution of Alabama,

6. Dexter Parsonage Museum

Being the house of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, the Dexter Parsonage Museum houses historical artifacts that helped Dr. King speared his revolutionary movement. Made in 1912, this was initially the house of 12 different pastors from the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church before turning into a museum.

7. The Montgomery Zoo

Within the 40 acres of the Montgomery Zoo, lie 500 animals from different countries around the world. The zoo is divided into many different sections, which house these 500 animals in their respective habitats.

8. First Confederate White House

The First Confederate White House is the hallmark of Montgomery’s rich history. It served as the Jefferson family’s house in 1861 and soon became Mrs. Davis’s social center of the South.

9. Civil Rights Memorial Center

Civil Rights movement is a historic event that needs no introduction and is the movement that shaped the United States into what it is today. The memorial honors the many people who died during the American Civil Rights movement.

10. Rosa Parks Library and Museum

Present near the Empire Theater, The Rosa Parks Museum and Library tells the story of how the courage of one woman changed the course of history for the United States.  Equipped with a 103-seat multimedia Auditorium, the museum houses a wide range of exhibits dedicated to the American Civil Rights Movement.

In Conclusion, Montgomery is the most historically relevant place in the the United States and is a must go for History enthusiasts.