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Top 10 Things to Do In Montpelier

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, Montpelier is slowly starting to become a popular tourist destination. Famous for its many calming walkways Montpelier allows you to achieve inner peace as you get in touch with nature. If you plan on visiting Montpelier here are ten things to see/do.

1. Capital City Farmers Market

Being the capital city has its advantages, one of those advantages being the Capital City Farmer’s Market. Here you will have access to the freshest produce coming from the entire state. Established in 1900, the market has gathered over 100 vendors all who seal different goods.

2. Vermont History Museum

With multiple Interactive permanent and temporary exhibits, the Vermont history museum is the states historic goldmine. History enthusiasts will revel in the exhibitions that boast about the states rich lore.

3. North Branch Vineyards

The North Branch Vineyards stand out against other vineyards in Montpelier for two reasons. One, they are one of the oldest wineries in town, second, the entire facility is owned and managed by one family. Visitors can taste their many vines as well as buy them from the gift shop.

4. Vermont State House

While being a staple of every capital city, Vermont State House is the Capitol building of Vermont. The building is an architectural masterpiece, and as a visitor, you can see the building in all its glory by booking tours online.

5. Hubbard Park

Hubbard Park is an attraction aimed more towards joggers and cyclists. The park contains many trees and trails that “branch” out each spanning 1 or 2 miles. The park also houses a stone edifice that is 100 years old as well as an observation tower.

6. Lost Nation Theater

Since the past 25 years, the Lost Nation Theater has been teaching the community the wonders of the performing arts. It is a community built a theater, which prefers plays that boast the beauty of human interaction.

7. Bragg Farm Sugar House

Montpelier is famous for its maple syrup, and one of its biggest contributors is the Bragg Farm Sugar House. As the farm is family-owned, it is very inviting to visitors. It even visitors to see the preparation process of their legendary maple syrup and maple candies.

8. The Camels Hump

If you’re feeling a little heavy after all that maple candy, there is an attraction to help you feel light and fresh again. The Camel's Hump is one of the more famous attractions of Montpelier as it gives amazing views of the small towns that surround it.

9. T.W Wood Art Gallery

The T.w Wood Art Gallery is an institution that prides itself on preserving Vermont's artistic heritage as well as educating visitors about it. Built in 1895, the local institution has many static and revolving exhibits that visitors can attend.

10. Riding Through Central Vermont

If you're looking for a breath of fresh air from the cliché tour guides, then take a tour of Vermont on a bicycle. The loops range in difficulty, and each of the loops connects visitors to different attractions of the city.

Vermont is a city of great culture and sporty attractions making it the go-to place for historical and sports aficionados.