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Top 10 Things to Do In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is famous for many things, from its many museums to the beaches. Oklahoma caters to the needs of every demographic. The city also has zoos and botanical gardens where families can go and enjoy. If you plan on going to Oklahoma City, here are the ten things you must do.

1. The Bricktown Water Taxi

While Bricktown is itself an attraction of Oklahoma, the best way to tour around it is through the famous Water Taxi. With entire canal trips lasting up to 40 minutes, visitors can use the taxi to move between sites in Bricktown.

2. 45Th Infantry Division Museum

It is a gunsmith's or enthusiasts dream come true. The 45th infantry division museum houses one of the state's largest arsenal of guns and ammunition. The museum holds many permanent and temporary exhibits that showcase guns used since the 19th century till now.

3. Boathouse District

Known as the official United States Paralympic and Olympic training site for canoeing kayaking and rowing, the boathouse district is the best place to go to have fun on the water. The facility also provides different educational and recreational programs.

4. Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

The Oklahoma bombing was one of America's greatest tragedies. That said, the Oklahoma city national Museum and Memorial honor the all the people who were affected by the bombing.

5. Science Museum Oklahoma

A site aimed more towards families, the Science Museum of Oklahoma houses incredible gun for the whole family. Also referred to as the Omniplex, the museum stretches over 3 acres of land, within it contains many interactive exhibits where you and the whole family can enjoy.

6. Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo is what many consider, the ultimate family attraction. Covering over 110-acres of land, the zoo recreates natural habitats for the 1900 animals they house. Some of these habitats include the tropical jungle that shelters many species of apes.

7. Museum of Osteology

The Museum of Osteology prides itself on teaching visitors about the about bones in both humans and animals. The museum also stands out as it is the only museum in the states that studies bones.

8. National Cowboy and Heritage Museum

Showing of the history and heritage of one of filmmaking’s greatest heroes, The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum is a one of a kind in the United States. Founded in 1955, the museum preserves art, clothing, and equipment these western legends.

9. Myriad Botanical Gardens

One of Oklahoma's greatest attractions, the Myriad Botanical Garden houses one of the best collections of rare plants in the United States. Along with a 224-foot crystal bridge, the garden divides flowers among the 17 acres of the facility.

10. Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Saving the best for last, regardless of your opinion on art and its controversial history the Oklahoma City Museum of art is a go-to place for everyone. Built in 2002, the museum holds artifact and works of art from over five centuries ago where visitors can interact with the art.

Oklahoma City is home to some of the worlds most prized historical artifacts and memorials. Moreover, it also houses some fantastic zoos and gardens making it a must-go for every demographic.