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Top 10 Things to Do In Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a city that needs no introduction. With its many internationally known monuments to its critically acclaimed restaurants, Philadelphia has it all and much more. Hence, if you are planning to visit Philadelphia, here are ten things you must do there:

1. Benjamin Franklin National Memorial

The Benjamin Franklin Memorial stands 20 feet high within the Franklin Institute. The structure is the most famous attraction within the Memorial Hall. Moreover, there is no fee to enter, and visitors can see a short film titled Benjamin Franklin Forever. The film shows the impact Ben Franklin had on the world.

2. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Acting as an arts institute and a museum,  the Pennsylvania Academy of the fine arts is famous for its many pieces of art from the 19th and 20th century. Hence, visitors can indulge in the many exhibits or participate in the many education programs or workshops.

3. Please Touch Museum

An attraction aimed towards families, the Please Touch Museum provides a fun and interactive learning experience for children. Children can indulge in the many educational programs and workshops about technology, science, and engineering.

4. The Academy of Natural Sciences

The Academy of Natural Sciences features exciting and interactive exhibits where visitors can learn about history and science. Founded in 1812, the academy is one of the oldest of its kind and was there when Philadelphia was the center of the nation.

5. Philadelphia Zoo

Moving on to animals that are still alive, The Philadelphia Zoo is the ultimate family attraction, with over 1300 animals stretched out over 42 acres of land. Visitors can see the different animals in their respective habitats.

6. The Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation prides itself in promoting fine arts and Horticulture. Established in 1992, the foundation has two campuses under its wing, one that houses the foundation's archives and the Arboretum, and the other contains a World Famous Art Collection.

7. University of Pennsylvania’s Morris Arboretum

Spanning a massive 92 acres, the Morris Arboretum teaches visitors about the unique relationship between humans and plants. The garden contains up to 12,000 labeled plants all of which interactive.

8. The Liberty Bell

One of the most famous icons of Philadelphia, many people consider the Liberty Bell a herald of liberty and a symbol of peace.

9. Independence Hall

The Independence Hall is where the leaders signed the Declaration of Independence. Moreover, the Hall rests in the center of the Independence National Historic Park. Made in 1912, visitors can explore the hall through a guided tour.

10. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Recognized as one of the largest museums in the country, The Philadelphia Museum of art is possibly Philadelphia’s most prized gem. The museum houses over 200,000 permanent exhibitions and over 10,000 temporary exhibitions.

In conclusion, Philadelphia is a country that takes pride in its history while allowing visitors not to feel alienated making it the go-to place for a vacation or a weekend, getaway.