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Top 10 Things to Do In Phoenix

Pheonix is a city of magnificent scenery, multiple museums, exotic restaurants, and many other attractions. You can find yourself going out on a scenic hike or getting some authentic Italian cuisine. Perhaps you want to learn about the state and city with its many museums. If you plan on visiting this bustling city here are the ten things you must see.

1. Phoenix Symphony

Founded as a part-time orchestra in 1947, the Phoenix Symphony is now Arizona’s largest singular symphony orchestra and performing arts organization. Visitors can indulge in the many educational programs and workshops offered by the organization.

2. Little Miss BBQ

For those of you looking to engage your taste buds in Texas-style barbeque, Little Miss BBQ is the place to go with its experienced chefs who offer slow-cooked and smoked over pecan wood.

3. Children’s Museum of Phoenix

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix gives children, below the age of 10, a creative, inspirational, and imaginative learning experience through its nearly 300 interactive and exploratory exhibits spanning over 48,000 square feet.

4. Chase Field Stadium

Home to the state ’s and one-time world champion baseball team the Arizona Diamondbacks, the chase field is a one of a kind stadium due to the flexibility of the pitch and its accommodation of other sports as well. Visitors can also take private tours of the 1,300,000 square feet ground.

5. Taste It Tours

If you prefer a tour that’s dedicated to pleasing your taste buds rather than your eyes, then Taste it Tours has an adventure set out for you. The tour takes visitors to some of the hidden gems of Phoenix’s culinary world.

6. Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center is a world-famous institution that promotes innovation and learning by combining all the different types of sciences. Established in 1980, visitors can find much to indulge into with the many interactive exhibits spread across the 164,000 square feet area.

7. Heard Museum

The heard museum is one of the top Native American museums in the United States, which teaches visitors about the rich lore and heritage of the American Indian tribes through their art, artifacts and recorded way of life.

8. Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix zoo is what many consider the best family attraction in all of Arizona. Visitors can see the 1,400 animals of which include 30 different endangered species living in their respective habitats.

9. Musical Instrument Museum

Another globally recognized museum, the Musical Instrument Museum is a one of a kind museum because of its impressive collection of over 15,000 musical artifacts and instruments. Visitors can see all of these instruments and the artists the made history with them.

10. Phoenix Art Museum

A go-to place for any modernistic art enthusiast in the United States for 55 years, the Phoenix Art Museum houses different genres of art across both permanent and temporary exhibits.

In conclusion, there is a lot to do in Phoenix, Arizona, and this list is only scratching the surface of the possibilities present there.